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Math Club

The Royal Avakas

The Royal Avakas is Rockford Christian's high school math team.  The team is open to all students in grades 9-12.  Weekly team practices will be held throughout the school year, and team members will have the opportunity to compete in individual and team math competitions.  For more information, please contact Christine Regan.

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ICTM Regional Champs

The Royal Avakas math team placed 1st overall in the ICTM Regional contest this past Saturday at Rock Valley College.  This is the third year in a row they have won Regionals and qualified as a team for state.  The team claimed 18 Top 3 individual/team finishes, 10 of those being 1st place.  The ICTM State contest will be held Saturday, May 4 at the University of Illinois.

  • Algebra 1 (team 1st)- Tony Chen - 1st, Sophia Chanthalangsy - 2nd, Emily Kneller - 3rd
  • Geometry - Sean Li - 2nd
  • Algebra 2 (team 1st) - Jerry Li - 1st, Alice Yang - 2nd
  • Precalculus (team 1st) - 1st - Sean Liu, 2nd - Matt Yan, 3rd - Samuel Peng
  • Fresh/Soph 2 - Person Team - 2nd Emily Kneller & Tony Chen,
  • Jr/Sr 2 - Person Team - 1st Alice Yang & Matt Yan
  • Fresh/Soph 8 - Person Team - 2nd Sophia Chanthalansy, Tony Chen, Brandon Istad, Emily Kneller, Sean Li
  • Jr/Sr 8 - Person Team - 1st Kreena Amin, Jenny Cong, Alice Yang, Grace Feng, Richal Liu, Shirley Xue, Matt Yan
  • Calculator Team - 1st Kreena Amin, Sean Liu, Samuel Peng,  Oral Team - 1st Sean Liu & Jerry Li

Royal Avakas Math Team regional champs

Math Team 2018 Accomplishments:

  • NIATM Math Invitational
    • Overall Team Champions
  • American Mathematics Competition
    • AIME qualifiers - 2
  • Math Madness
    • 3 students ranked in the Top 5% out of 21,499 participants (Sean Liu - ranked 35th overall)
  • Mini Madness
    • 3 students ranked in the Top 3% out of 4392 participants (Sean Liu - 4th)
  • ICTM Regionals
    • Overall team champions
  • ICTM State
    • Overall team 2nd place
  • BNC Math Contest
    • Overall team 1st place