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High School Course Offerings

High School Band & Choir Offerings

​Concert Band: 
High School Band is an advance level class for students with previous band experience on their chosen band instrument. Within full band rehearsals and small ensemble sessions, band students will further develop their playing abilities. In learning and performing music from a variety of genres (folk, classical, jazz, rock, etc.), students will research and experience God’s diverse world. This class also reinforces the fundamental aspects of excellent music making learned in beginning and intermediate level band such as proper breathing, tone control, technical facility, music reading skills, improvisation, and development of the embouchure. All students in the Concert Band are also members of the Pep Band.

​Jazz Band: 
This course is an advanced, hands-on, performance ensemble class and is open by audition to current participants in the RCS Band program. It is a one year course with specific instrumentation, and because it is based on a continuous curriculum and ensemble balance, students must remain in the class for both fall and spring semesters. Learning music through music-making is the principal mode of instruction, so along with classroom work, the ensemble will perform publicly during the school year outside of the classroom.

A.P. Music Theory: 
This course is designed as a college freshman level music theory course. While the course climaxes with the AP test, it is intended to make each of us more intelligent musicians. A wide variety of tonal music will be used for illustrations and analysis.  Curriculum will work toward success on the AP Music Theory Exam written by The College Board. Students will be expected to take the AP Music Theory Exam in May.

​Concert Choir: 
This ensemble is the premiere touring and performing group, which will focus on vocal development, expression, music literacy, sight-singing, basic theory and performance technique. Students in the ensemble should expect to sing advanced repertoire in all genres of music.

Chamber Singers: 
Women's choral group by audition only. 

Class Piano:
This course is designed for the older beginning piano student.  It will cover basic piano technique and basic music theory.  The goal is to gain comfort and confidence with basic skills at the keyboard.

Art Course Offerings

Art I - Foundations: 
​This course is open to all high school students. Students will have experiences in producing two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art. Emphasis will be on the study of the elements of art, principles of design, composition, color theory, vocabulary, art criticism, and art history. Students will experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. Projects include drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and mixed media. Students will have a weekly sketchbook assignment.


Art II:
This course continues to build upon skills and knowledge obtained in Art 1. The study of the elements & principles, color theory, vocabulary, and art history will continue to be integrated and applied. The approach to art experiences is less experimental and based more on informed choices. Emphasis will be on high quality craftsmanship, originality, and personal expression. There is a broader focus on mixing media and exploring new materials. Students will have a weekly sketchbook assignment.

Pre-requisite:  Art I


Art III:
This course is for juniors and seniors who have completed Art 1 and 2 and are serious and dedicated to pursue their art. This course is a continued development of skills with a more in-depth approach to the study of art processes and techniques. Students will work on creating a personal style and philosophy of art, as they begin to broaden their portfolio. Work outside of class time may be necessary to complete projects. A digital camera is highly recommended for this course, as students will be using their own photo references for projects. Students will have a weekly sketchbook assignment.

Pre-requisite:  Art I & II


Senior Portfolio: 
This course is for senior students who have excelled in previous art courses and will be pursuing art in college. Students will develop a concentration and a thematic body of work, while expanding their knowledge of materials, techniques, and process. Students will develop professional work habits by working independently and relying on critical thinking, problem solving, and exploration to create their own expressive works. A portfolio of 12 or more pieces reflecting quality, concentration, and breadth will be completed. Access to a digital camera is necessary. Students will have a weekly sketchbook assignment. This course will have some summer preparation.

Pre-requisite:  Seniors Only - Art I & II; teacher approval


Ceramics I:
This course explores the three basic hand-building methods of clay; pinch, coil, and slab as well as use of the pottery wheel. Early projects will build skills to prepare for more challenging projects later in class. A variety of both utilitarian and non-utilitarian projects will be constructed. Students will be able to demonstrate their own creativity as well as follow specific guidelines. Projects will include exposure to various tools, techniques, glazing, and vocabulary. We will examine the history and use of clay in various cultures and in the contemporary art world.

Pre-requisite:  Art I


Ceramics II: 
This course is a continuation from I engaging students in more advanced ceramic techniques and projects. Students will further develop and enhance skills learned in Ceramics I and refine and experiment with new materials and techniques. Students will continue to work toward mastering hand-building and wheel thrown techniques and further their ability in construction and design principles. Advanced methods of ceramic decoration in slip trailing, sgraffito, water etching, wax resist, stenciling, printing, and underglaze brushwork decoration will be studied and practiced.

Pre-requisite:  Ceramics I & teacher approval


A.P. Art History:​ ​
Throughout our walk on the earth, artists have visually responded to events and emotions during their journey to find meaning and purpose in life. In this course, students examine major forms of artistic expression from the ancient eras to the present in a variety of cultures. They will learn how to assess, interpret and analyze works of art within their historical context, as well as express their responses in an articulate way. We will cover works in painting, drawing, architecture, sculpture, as well as other media based on the AP exam expectations. Some summer reading is required.