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About Us

Located in Rockford Illinois, Rockford Christian Schools is a private, nondenominational Christian school dedicated to high standards of academic excellence and spiritual growth. All of our programs whether academic, athletic or social revolve around the understanding that people are spiritual beings, and that God has uniquely wired each person with gifts and abilities. At Rockford Christian we believe that the school age years are formative for discovering those gifts and learning how to use them for God's glory as well as for personal development and fulfillment. The school is run on the principle that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and that it provides guidance for all aspects of life.

The mission of Rockford Christian Schools is to challenge young people to know Christ as Lord, apply God's truth in all areas of life, love others sacrificially, and achieve the highest level of knowledge and skill in order to serve God and others.

Rockford Christian School has been in existence since 1961. Begun as an independent non-denominational private kindergarten, the school has expanded steadily to now include over 750 students in grades Pre-K3 through 12. Preschool through grade 4 is located at our Hemlock Campus; Grades 5-12 are located at our Bell School Campus.  After years of operating as an elementary school and then as an elementary/junior high school, ninth grade was added in 1994, leading to the first senior class graduation in 1998.

The vision of Rockford Christian Schools is to continually develop and maintain the present facilities, programs, and personnel, providing students in the greater Rockford area the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. Rockford Christian Schools seeks to address each of these areas. We will acquire and/or expand facilities to promote a growing educational program. We will develop and implement programs that respond to the diversity and special interest of today's youth. We will also identify a strategy that addresses several social needs within our community.

Rockford Christian Schools is governed by a nine member board which sets policy and procedure for all aspects of the school. Members represent parents and grandparents from various church affiliations. The administration and staff are entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the policy set forth.

Rockford Christian Schools does not discriminate on its admission of students on the basis of sex, race, or religion.