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Support RCS

Our teachers help mold and guide young lives in a Christian environment that challenges young people to know Christ as Lord.  This goal and our mission has been pursued with unwavering dedication since 1961.  You can help make the lives of many young people in the future even better and brighter.

Gifts to Rockford Christian School go a long way to helping us maintain our excellence.  We are continually striving to provide the very best in the classroom so our graduates use their gifts to answer God's calling.

Our recent graduates were exceptional and are going onto fantastic colleges and careers across the globe.  Our 2021 graduating class qualified for, on average, $85,000 in scholarships and nearly 18% were Illinois State Scholars which designates that they were in the 95% percentile for their ACT or SAT score.  Additionally, our students will serve others and the world around them in amazing ways.  Please visit our Facebook page to see just some of our students' great accomplishments.

Gifts that you may give help us to continue to provide a Christ-centered excellent education.  Thanks in advance for your support.