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Portrait of Principal PopejoyI’m so proud of the programs we offer at Rockford Christian High School. With a full range of student clubs and activities, multiple opportunities in fine arts, and a full range of athletic teams, there are plenty of ways to plug in to student life at RCHS.  We are big enough to have a variety of opportunities and small enough to be able to participate in many things. Student involvement in activities is not a diversion from academics, rather an extension of that program. Students who actively participate in school activities have traditionally had higher grade-point averages, have better attendance patterns and less disciplinary problems.  The life lessons learned in these activities like fair play, teamwork, self-confidence, self-discipline and how to handle tough competitive environments help prepare students for life as a contributing member of society for years to come. There is no better place to hone those skills than at RCHS where the lessons learned in class and in the arena are integrated with God’s truth and guided by the principles taught in the Bible. Feel free to come check us  on online or on campus for a tour.

Drew Popejoy

Principal of Student Services

Grades 6-12

Portrait of Principal HeldWelcome to Rockford Christian High School. 

Serving as the final leg of the academic journey for our students before graduation and the start of adult life, our high school is a place of challenge and growth. Our talented faculty provide multiple levels of instruction to students of all abilities through curated course options and curriculum. Rockford Christian is proud to provide a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum including honors and Advanced Placement courses. 

In addition to benefiting from our high quality academic program, Rockford Christian High School students also participate in internships, international travel, and exploratory coursework through opportunities such as our one-week Jan Term. In an effort to support and grow the whole student, our High School offers many extra-curricular, co-curricular, and athletic activities sure to provide lifelong skills and memories. 

Our school is committed to growing and improving each year. As a fully ACSI accredited school, we are intentional to connect with other local Christian schools, leverage ACSI member resources for our betterment, and to hold ourselves accountable to high standards through the regular reaccreditation process. Our students aren’t the only ones that grow and learn each year!

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have additional questions about Rockford Christian High School, please don’t hesitate to contact our school. We would love to tell you more.

God bless,

Mr. Peter Held

High School Principal of Curricula and Instruction


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