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2020-21 school calendar



First Day of School: Wednesday, August 19
Last Day of School: Friday, May 28

The State of Illinois requires non-public schools provide either 176 student
contact days OR 880 hours of instruction. This proposed calendar meets both
requirements. Our hours of instruction are equivalent to about 25 school days.
This reduces the need for RCS to address normal weather-related closings.

Ist Semester Days: 80
2nd Semester Days: 94 (5 days are Jan Term)
Student Contact Days 174
Hours of Instruction 1018

Later this school year, a half-day and a full-day off school will be added in spring
2021 for parent-teacher conferences. Delaying this decision allows our new
principals to plan those conferences after experiencing the schedule for this
spring. A day for spring parent-teacher conferences has already been
deducted from the second semester student contact days.