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School Dances

School Dances

A Rockford Christian School student requesting to bring a friend, who is not a Rockford Christian High School student, to a school sponsored dance must have this form filled out BEFORE purchasing tickets. Only with the presentation of this form fully completed will you be allowed to purchase a dance ticket.

Responsibility statement:
As a Rockford Christian High School student, I understand that all the school rules apply at school sponsored dances. I will take the responsibility of informing the guest of these rules.

Dance Rules:

  • Dances are intended for high school students and high school graduates as guests who are under the age of 21.
  • Middle Schools students are not allowed at high school events.
    Freshmen are not eligible to attend PROM.
  • Students and/or their guests may not return to the activity once they have left the building. Please bring all items you may need at the start of the event.
  • All students and guests must register upon entering the activity. This includes name & telephone number (for emergency notification).
    We expect modest, appropriate attire.
  • RCS school dances are a school event. It is expected that all behavior and activities will be in line with the school’s mission and statement of faith.
  • Rockford Christian High School students are responsible for the actions of their guest.

Guest Guidelines:

  • All guests must attach a copy of a photo I.D. to this form and present it at entry.
  • Guests must have a verification of enrollment by signature and seal from their high school or college. 
  • Guests who are homeschooled must have signatures from their parents verifying they are currently enrolled in a homeschool program. 
  • Guests who have graduated high school and are not in college or military must have a signature from their employer who will attest for their character. 
  • Guests who have dropped out of high school are not permitted to attend RCS Dances. 
  • Guests who are not enrolled in a high school or college, gainfully employed, or enlisted in the military are not eligible to attend RCS high school dances.
  • All dance participants must be under the age of 21.
  • Guests found in violation of school policies will not be allowed to return for future dances.

Guests must fill out this form


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