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Rockford Christian Preschool

Welcome to the Rockford Christian Preschool.  These early years at the very beginning of a student's education are incredibly important.  Through a solid partnership between the family and the school, it is our goal to lay a solid foundation for your students' lives.  It is our hope and prayer that the students in our care would be prepared spiritually, academically, and socially as they look forward to the next decade of education before them.

With this goal in mind, our school offers a challenging and differentiated curriculum.  Developing motor skills and social awareness and beginning to understand the building blocks academically are the core of our focus.  Hands-on enrichment opportunities are provided daily in our classrooms. Our teachers take the time to get to know each student and family personally and seek to nurture the whole child.  

If you have not visited Rockford Christian Preschool and Elementary School, we encourage you to come and experience firsthand the unique atmosphere that makes our school so exceptional.

Thank you-

Matt Nyberg

Preschool and Elementary School Principal

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