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School Dances

School Dances

Rockford Christian hosts 3-4 dances per year, Homecoming (grades 9-12), LIPS (grades 9-12), Prom (Grades 11-12, invited sophomore guests) and a Middle School Rec night (grades 6-8).  The purpose of these dances is to provide an entertaining event where students can enjoy fellowship and community in a healthy atmosphere. 


Guidelines for appropriate conduct and dress will be published and must be adhered to. Students and guest not following published guidelines will not be admitted or may be asked to leave the event early. We expect good manners and behavior. We expect proper dancing that is at the discretion of the school-designated chaperones. We expect modest, appropriate attire.

If you choose to leave the dance early, one of the chaperones will notify your parents. Remember, once you leave, you may not return. The chaperones will not be allowing people to go to their cars for forgotten items. Students will be allowed to leave up to ½ hour before the dance ends without calling home in order to allow students to meet curfew requirements.

If you bring a guest from another school, you need a guest pass form to purchase a ticket and the guest must bring a picture ID to the dance.

Anyone that is displaying inappropriate behavior will be warned by the chaperones. If inappropriate behavior continues, the chaperones will ask the student to leave. A phone call will be made to the parents.

*Guests of Rockford Christian students must meet minimum age requirements (grade 9 for Homecoming and LIPS, grade 10 for Prom), and may not be older than 20. Guests must adhere to Rockford Christian guidelines at all times. 

Guest Pass - must be printed, filled out and signed and submitted for approval by administration before any non-RCS guests can attend an RCS dance.  You can download the Guest Pass form here.

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