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Art Competition Winners


BEST of SHOW 2-D, David Jin (12), Mixed Media 2-D

BEST of SHOW 3-D, James Phan (11), Ceramics

1st PLACE, Yale Zheng (12), Yale won 1st place with all five of his pieces- Abstract Painting, Watercolor, Printmaking, and 2 placings in Mixed Media 2-D

1st PLACE, Shelby Rahn (12), Black & White Drawing-Representational

1st PLACE, David Jin (12), Acrylic Painting

1st PLACE, CiCi Liu (12), Ink Wash & Marker

1st PLACE, Long Nguyen (11), Collage

1st PLACE, Brooke McCammond (12), Functional Sculpture

2nd PLACE, Kayla Bevington (12), Drawing Abstract

2nd PLACE, Anna Peterson (12), Collage

2nd PLACE, Alexis Santalino (10), Computer Imaging

3rd PLACE, Ally Schilling (12), Drawing Abstract

3rd PLACE, Ally Schilling (12), Human Figure Portrait

3rd PLACE, David Jin (12), Black & White Drawing-Representational

3rd PLACE, Madison Franseen (10), Collage

3rd PLACE, Anna Peterson (12), Computer Imaging

3rd PLACE, Madison Hougan (9), Relief

HONORABLE MENTION, Hanna Gadow (11), Functional Sculpture

HONORABLE MENTION, Alicia Howard (10), Non-Functional Sculpture

HONORABLE MENTION, Esther Zhong (9), Drawing Abstract

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