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Tech 2017

Tech 2017

On May 9th Rockford Christian has been invited to participate in Tech 2017, an initiative to present to our state legislature what is happening in our science, technology, engineering, art and math curriculum.  Mrs. Granite and Mrs. Manne have been working with students on several projects this year which they submitted to the Tech 2017 admission board and they were selected as one of only 98 teams to bring their presentation to Springfield to demonstrate before our state legislators.

Pretty cool.

The title of our TECH 2017 presentation is called, "Using Apps to Enhance S.T.E.A.M. Collaboration"

The description of our demonstration is:

In collaboration with art, math, and S.T.E.M. specialists, students used original art projects to further investigate art history, science, and mathematical concepts. Using digital technology motivated and engaged all learners at their individual levels to achieve learning outcomes. The use of iPads extends all subject areas into the 21st century. Here's a list of TECH 2017 participants:

Mrs. Lori Granite (Primary S.T.E.M.
Mrs. Barb Manne (art instructor)
Samuel Caiola (3rd grader)
Adam Mattingly (2nd grader)